PaeLife: Personal Assistant to Enhance the Social Life of Seniors
Technology has impact in all aspects of our life, particularly in the way we grow older. By 2050, the number of elderly people (aged over 65) across the EU is estimated to increase from 16.4% in 2004 to 29.9% (Eurostat 2005). Although today’s elderly people over 65 may show some resistance to the adoption of technology, tomorrow’s elderly will have used technology in the last one or two decades of their lives, and due to their healthy lifestyles, they are likely to be kept physically, socially and cognitively active until later.
PaeLIFE focuses on recently retired individuals who are used to some level of technology usage and who want to keep themselves active, productive and socially engaged, through the use of a Personal (Virtual) Life Assistant (PLA) – a virtual presence who supports social communication, learning and entertainment.

Strategic objectives
The project’s main goal is to fight isolation and exclusion and to allow the elderly to be more productive, independent and to have a more social and fulfilling life. Grouping all the benefits, one can see that the project aims at enhancing the quality of life of older people and strengthen the industrial base in Europe through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).
PaeLife is also improving the state-of-the-art in this area, seeing seniors as relevant, taking into account the existent limitations and needs.

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